Operates autonomously without the need for constant supervision, reducing operational overhead.


Natural language communication for effortless use by all, from executives to on-site operators.


Efficiently manages a large customer base, releasing valuable resources to focus on strategic initiatives.

About Ainexxo

Hyper-automated intelligent business assistant

AInexxo performs work tasks by communicating with the operator in their natural language.

The platform is based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence models and algorithms, capable of performing complex business tasks.


To drive seamless, predictive, and responsive business task automation across all industries, enabling companies to lead in efficiency and innovation.


To provide leading AI SaaS for hyper-automation in industries, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and spurring growth, while equipping businesses for seamless, adaptable operations.



Our customers operate in the following sectors:

Process Industry

Energy, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Water and diversified applications

Industrial Automation & Motion Control

Factory Automation, Robotics, Machinery and

Mobile applications


We’re at the forefront of addressing today’s challenges with advanced solutions designed to not only keep pace but set the standard. Our commitment is to enhance the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of our customers’ operations through the power of smart technology.

Addressing the heightened quality standards required by industrial automation and process industries through advanced solutions.

Meeting the demand for precise measurement and traceability in the era of growing smart device connectivity.

Tackling the challenge of massive data management and extracting actionable insights from data-driven analytics

Leveraging digitization and servitization to unlock new business models and revenue streams

Navigating regulatory changes and improving company performance in line with Environmental Social Governance criteria

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Empower your sales teams with AInexxo, a 24/7 hyper-automated assistant that works to support sales operations globally.

By integrating AInexxo, businesses gain:

24/7 assistance for internal staff, subsidiaries, sales networks, and end-users, driving uninterrupted productivity.

Optimal functioning across time zones, ensuring seamless operations for overseas entities.

Simultaneous technical and customer support for a vast sales network, from distributors to agents

Immediate product feedback for end-users, pivotal for maintaining industrial process efficacy.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency & Profitability

By integrating AInexxo, businesses gain:

Streamlined processes lead to reduced stock levels, optimizing working capital and improving overall efficiency.

Shift in sales focus to high-value clients, resulting in significant resource savings and targeted customer engagement.

Enhanced service quality increases client satisfaction, leading to higher profit margins and greater willingness among top clients to invest in premium services.

Deeper understanding of key clients enables the provision of tailored solutions, fostering stronger relationships and increased order volumes.


Building a Better Tomorrow with Artificial Intelligence

Unleashing AI’s potential, we’re crafting smarter solutions for a sustainable, efficient, and innovative future, empowering businesses to thrive in the age of automation.

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